Black Ball: In Space


Welcome to the first developement post on this blog. As you may have read, in our “Introduction post” we have recently changed our dev.-/game-engine from Android Studio to GameMaker: Studio.
Now I would like to announce the first game we will release made with our new tool.
I will not show full gameplay and ingame animations now for several reasons but I will show you some pictures 🙂 and give you a small look on the game.
As you may imagin we are really hyped to release it as soon as possible, unfortunately we have still some polishing to be done. We have decided that now is a good time to announce the game.


Black Ball: In Space

Character:  Sergeant Black Ball

Sergeant Black Ball joined the “SpaceForces” when his planet was destroyed by controlled meteorites. After he has lost everything he decided to join the Forces and fight for revange. “Sgt. Black Ball” travels through the space while meteorites try to crash him. He has to survive as long as possible. Once his enemies enter the space around him they can not leave it any more and will bounce off the edges until they burn up or hit the brave hero. But there is still hope sometimes he will come by areas where other SpaceForces already have been and left “powerups” and “health-packs”. No one knows what advantures are waiting for the young Sgt. but one thing we know sofar, this may be his first adventure but for sure not his last.

Here is a photo we found on his private “Tinder-Profile”:

Enough story telling so far.

Now you have a clue who is the main character of the game. I want to tell you a bit more about the game and the enemies. As you see when I say “Black Ball” I really mean black ball. Of course we added some fancy effects but it is obviously we use simply graphics. We decided to use geometrical shapes for the most things. This way we can safe some time as we are not as good in drawing/designing as we wish we were. But we hope we can score with gameplay.

What will be in v 1.0.1

• Leaderboards (Our first time :o)
• Endless game loop (You know: play -> die -> repeat -> beat someones highscore -> die -> repeat)
• 3 different enemies so far
• 1 Powerup + 1 Health-restore


Some ingame pictures.

“The guys she told you not to worry about”



What we plan for the future updates

• Storymode with different bosses that use different mechanics.
• Add more variety in the “Endless game loop”

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