Introduction Schwarze Fluegel (Schwarze Flügel)

Who, why and what?

First of all we are happy to welcome you on our new devblog.
Since this site is very new I want to provide you some general information about us first.
As we weren’t very active in social media in the past and propably most of the world has no clue who we are and what we are doing. This is the main reason why the first post is about us and not about a game we are currently working on. We are René Dietze (21y/o) and Nikita Bilousov(22y/o). We are the founders of Schwarze Fluegel (Schwarze Flügel). More later on in the post 🙂


~Summer 2014

One evening René said either we make a “southpark styled” cartoon or apps for android. At that time we had no coding experience except HTML and CSS. I knew how we could make a game without coding. We used appinventor
to create or first game Skip the game was downloaded over 10.000 times over the ~2 years, what we didn’t expect.
We realized that this was something we could do forever and since then we tried to make more games.


~ Sometime 2015

We tried to more games with appinventor but realized that the possibilities where very limited so we tried to start coding. Unfortunately I started to study law at an university and had no time to learn to code or even think about it. In this time René has improved his coding skill alot. He used “Android Studio“. I quited the university and we coded to gether. Android Studio was very hard to handle for me, even I was improving day by day. The games I was able to do were really shitty.


~ Early 2017

As I was still not advanced enough and René was busy we desided to move away from Android Studio and learn a multiplattform engine and release games for iOS aswell.
We moved to YoYo Games “GameMaker: Studio” and I think this is the smartest thing we ever did. Things that would have taken my months to do I was able to do in 3 week- without even a bit experience- I had to learn every thing because it is absolutly different to Android Studio.

This is all I wanted to say about us so far I think. 🙂
Thanks for reading, I hope I haven’t wasted your valued time.

The game I mean


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